GEMINI STARS / SCORPIO STARS is inspired by stories of LGBTQ+ vloggers self-identifying to the world on YouTube, juxtaposed with stories of exclusion and violence IRL. New York based downtown artists share psychological and emotionally intimate experiences. It is a funny and touching performance about Realvlogs love, self-identity, and self-defense while reflecting on what the community has achieved (or hasn’t) using social media. La MaMa - The Downstairs Theatre 2017. The collective: written & directed by Gian Marco Lo Forte. Choreographed & performed by Daniel Diaz, Jess Barbagallo, Michaela Reggio, Niko Tsocanos, Fleur Voorn, w/ musical guest Ombro de Oro. Ryan Downey (ad), two-time Bessie recipient Philip Trevino (lighting/ environment design) Jon Burklund (video design), Hao Bai (audio design).